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About NLS Travels

Nandi Lingeshwara Travles is a trusted cab service company.

We are specialize in a particular type of travel, such as adventure, cultural, or luxury tourism, and can offer packages that cater to different budgets and interests. NLS Tours and Travels also have a team of travel experts who can provide personalized recommendations and assistance to customers, and may use technology platforms to streamline the booking process and enhance the customer experience.
NLS have a driving team with expertise driving skills, licensed & friendly to make your journey more happier and safer.
We offers various travel-related services, such as transportation, accommodation, itinerary planning, and activities, to customers who wish to explore different destinations for leisure or business purposes.

Our Services

Outstation Trip

An outstation trip is a journey taken outside one's usual area for leisure or business purposes, which requires careful planning and consideration of various factors.
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Local Booking

Local booking refers to the process of reserving services or facilities within one's local area. Have a peaceful & enjoyable day with our Nandi Lingeshwara Travels..
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Car Booking For Hours

Car booking for hours involves reserving a vehicle for a specified period of time, usually by the hour. We certify that our cab will take you to your selected destination on time.
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Airport Pickup & Drop

Airport pickup and drop refers to a service provided by NLS tours and travels to pick up passengers from the airport and drop them off at their destination or vice versa.
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Tour Packages

Tours are a popular way to explore new destinations. Tour travelling is not a daily event, make it un imaginable event is your life, and have a joy along with your family and friends .
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One Day Trip (Local)

A one-day trip is a short journey to a nearby location, usually within a day's travel, for leisure or business purposes, and can involve activities such as sightseeing, hiking, or shopping.
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Ambulance Service

We provide a Ambulance service, vital lifeline in crises, races against time. Swift responders, skilled paramedics, equipped to stabilize, transport, save lives. Sirens wail, lights flash, symbol of urgent aid.
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Spare Driver Services

We provide a spare driver services with highly experienced & skilled drivers to deliver the safe and dependable transports to customers.
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Trip Schemes

What can you do to promote world peace? Get your family to trip.

Household Tour

A family trip is a journey taken with family members, often for the purpose of spending quality time together and creating shared memories. Family trips can be local or international, and can involve a variety of activities and destinations, depending on the interests and ages of family members. These trips can be educational, cultural, or recreational in nature, and may include visiting museums, theme parks, natural attractions, historical sites, or beaches. Planning a family trip requires consideration of factors such as budget, transportation, accommodation, itinerary, and activities that will appeal to everyone in the family. Enjoy your each trip time with your family by NLS Tours and Travels.
Commercial Tour
A corporate trip is a journey taken by employees of a company, usually for business purposes, such as attending conferences, meetings, training sessions, or team-building activities. Corporate trips can be local or international, and can involve a variety of activities and destinations, depending on the goals and objectives of the company. Such trips can be an opportunity to enhance business relationships, exchange knowledge and ideas, and develop skills and capabilities. Planning a corporate trip requires careful consideration of factors such as budget, transportation, accommodation, itinerary, and logistics, and must be aligned with the company's strategic objectives.

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